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Welcome to Casa Luz, offering sacred weddings, life coaching, vow renewals, ceremonial art and transformative events. At the foundation of all that is offered here is love – the highest expression of our humanity.  You are invited to dive in and discover the way of the heart - the way home to your own wisdom and power.


Below: Nansee speaks about her services in this short video

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Kind Words

To hold a piece of Nansee's ritual art is to journey into the heart of something that has stirred her soul, stunned her and compelled her to respond with forming something that feels like an offering or a prayer. I have several of Nansee's ceremonial pieces and they carry a power that honors and aligns the energy of every ritual I use them in. I wonder where she goes when she sits at her wheel...... even her kitchen bowls make eating cereal a more sacred experience.
– Toni Bernbaum